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Southeastern Appraisal Professionals, LLC provides a full range of property appraisal and consultation services for all types of real estate in Duluth, GA. With 25 years of property appraiser experience, we can quickly provide you a home appraisal that is guaranteed to be accurate and competitively priced! In fact, most of our appraisals range from $250-$500** to meet the financial pressures facing many of our clients. Throughout the past two decades, we’ve prepared over 15,000 property appraisals in Duluth and Metro Atlanta, and we would love to serve you next. Call Now and Schedule Your Residential Real Estate Appraisal or you can simply fill out our contact form and we’ll do the rest. Finding the accurate value of your house quickly and at a low price is important, so call the local Appraisal Pros that you can trust!



Appraising the Value of Your Property:

It’s important to remember that not all home appraisers in Duluth and Metro Atlanta are created equal. What sets Southeastern Appraisal apart from our competitors is the high level of customer service that we have provided to every one of our clients for over 25 years! Whether we are appraising the market value of a single-family home or a Fortune500 office sky rise, we deliver the property appraisal quickly and respectfully to each client at a low price.

Whether you’re in need of an appraisal for a traditional house, condominium, FHA, relocation appraisal, appraisals for estates, litigation, foreclosure & REO, pre-listing valuations, luxury homes, and everything in between, Southeastern Appraisal Professionals can provide the best service with the most competitive pricing in the local Duluth market. Don’t take your chance with another residential appraiser service that doesn’t have 25 years of experience to back up its advertising. Call the local appraisal pros that you can trust!

**Exact prices vary depending on square footage of property, as well as additional variables. Call for a FREE quote for your property.


Benefits of Southeastern Appraisal:

  • OVER 25 YEARS OF EXPERIENCE – Having worked locally in Duluth & Metro Atlanta for over 2 decades, we have experience with the details of this real estate market
  • MORE THAN 15,000 APPRAISALS – With over 15,000 satisfied customers, our expertise has provided high quality, successful house appraisals
  • COMPETITIVE PRICES – We guarantee a fast & accurate property appraisal at competitive prices in Georgia’s expanding home real estate market
  • CUSTOMER SERVICE – Whether we are appraising the value of a small starter home or a Fortune500 skyrise, we provide the same quality & respect to every client
  • ALL OVER METRO ATLANTA – From Duluth to all of Metro Atlanta, we provide residential real estate appraisals to the entire state

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